Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect Trilogy
Platforms:PlayStation, Xbox 360, PC

We all love the idea of unexplored Universe. That's why we like to dive deep into science fiction where we can satisfy our need to discover the unknown. And some of us like to explore the mysteries of space operas, which are full of space battles, intriguing stories, life and death choices, romance, and all this followed by an amazing epic soundtrack. Mass Effect, one of the best rpg series of the past decade, has it all and more.

First Mass Effect has been brought to us by BioWare in 2007, where we have been introduced to the main protagonist Commander Shepard and his (or hers if you chose to play as a female character) pursuit of rogue Spectre Saren Arterius across the galaxy. We've met members of the SSV Normandy, had our encounter with Citadel Council, and also had a chance to get to know other members of this huge galactic community.

Game itself offered breath taking story with more focus on dialogues than action. Which was surprisingly good choice because tactical battle mode could become little bit frustrating and boring due to your companions low AI, not to mention clumsy path finding with your Mako vehicle designed to explore planet's surface.

After three years, Mass Effect 2 had arrived. Main difference from his predecessor was in vastly improved visual look of the game and also much more room for action itself. Character control during battles with enemies was much better and everything felt more smooth.

Second Mass Effect continues with the story of the first one. Your ship Normandy is attacked and destroyed during a routine mission by an unknown enemy and Shepard dies trying to save the crew. Two years later Shepard was awakened by a secret organization called Cerberus, led by an enigmatic Illusive Man. He asks Shepard to investigate a situation regarding disappearance of human colonists from Terminus system, which could apparently possess danger to whole human race and galaxy.

Less than five years from the beginning of the series, last Mass Effect game has been released and the story concludes. Commander Shepard is faced with extremely difficult task. After Shepard's escape from Earth which has been attacked by Reapers, he must unite forces from all over the Milky Way so they can stop the endless cycle of death and destruction. On the way Shepard must make impossible choices, including surviving whole races, people he loves, and even Shepard's own ship. Mass Effect ends with epic finale which has effectively divided the gaming community and which is still a topic for discussion on many internet forums.

Mass Effect, as one of the best and most recognizable action role-playing series, will no doubt leave a trace in video games history, in both good and bad sense. But it doesn't change anything about the fact, that many people will like to get back to this jewel of gaming industry. To enjoy some of it's emotionally powerful moments or listen to the great soundtracks from Jack Wall, Sam Hulick or Clint Mansell. Let's just hope that the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, which release is scheduled for beginning of 2017, will be respectable successor to a world of Mass Effect.

This is Commander Shepard, signing off...

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