Is life best RPG on this planet?

Is life best RPG on this planet?
Released:6 billion years ago
Developer:God (or whatever)
Platforms:Real world

We tried to sum up pros and cons of real life from the perspective of rpg terms.

Before you start with any computer game, you should read this article. Especially in case you are searching for the best RPG to play. Because odd are that you are already playing the best role playing game ever. Yes, it may be your own life! But to further test this statement, let's compare advantages and disadvantages of your life against any regular RPG out there

Pros of real life

  • no level cap!
  • elaborate multiple roles and classes system
  • the only truly free RPG on the market; no monthly payments (actually you get paid for playing if you get a job or live in welfare state)
  • huge, evolving, still not fully explored game world with a complex physical model
  • 7 bilion players and counting!
  • fixed rules which are not changing during the game (no unexpected updates that will ruin your farming technique)
  • great number of items, new items invented and crafted every day
  • lots of profession that can be learned
  • you can’t get banned
  • no lags, no delay, no server restarts, no arguments with admin, in fact no admins at all! (if you are still not living in your parent's house of course)

Cons of real life

  • if you die, there is no respawn: you loose all gold, experience and items and not even priest can resurrect you (unless you are a Buddhist and believe in reincarnation)
  • limited playtime – playing always ends with death and there is noone you can pay to extend your playtime
  • you have to play even if you don't want to
  • you have no control when creating your character – which means your parents decide how you are going to look for instance (although your appearance can be slightly customized during gameplay)
  • once you get your skills, you can‘t unlearn them; no skill point exchange, which means you have to thing real hard on what you spent your time
  • no real magic, only science
  • no multi-acc
  • no real cheating possible unfortunately - every "unfair advantage" can be obtained by anybody else if they try hard enough
  • life is not fair and starting position for all players varies greatly

So when it comes to genre of role playing games, this one really stands out, don't you think? Gameplay is probably one of a kind actually and considering the fact that you can die only once and then it's over, its even more hardcore than Dark Souls. Oh and one more pros: There is no sign "YOU DIED" even when you finally do (tombstone doesn't count).

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