Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Platforms:PlayStation, Xbox 360, PC

During 20 years of its existence, BioWare has been credited with many unforgettable titles. One of the most famous are series of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. Company known for releasing best RPG games on the market, started its career with mech simulator, but soon became the most recognizable name on the field of role-playing games. In 2009 first part of Dragon Age RPG series, with a subtitle "Origins", was released. Followed by Awakening expansion and Dragon Age II, which sadly didn't receive too much of a positive response. But those concerned of Dragon Age's fate can finally take a rest, because the last part called Inquisition is great.

Story begins one year after the events of second Dragon Age. Divine Justinia calls an assembly to resolve the dispute between mages and templars, but the meeting is suddenly interrupted by huge explosion causing massive disruption in Veil. You, as the only survivor and a member of newly formed Inquisition, have to shut down rifts in Veil and find who is responsible for this catastrophe and why they did it. You travel together with your companions across lands of Ferelden and Orlais seeking old mysteries that will shake up the very foundations of the world. We know it doesn't sound terribly original, but hey, there wasn't anything original at least since Diablo 1 - okay that was a bad joke, let's continue.

Good old buddies come back of course and some new ones you meet along the way. Leliana, Cullen (you know him for sure), Morrigan, Varric and others. You can drink beer with your pals, talk with them about what they like and what they hate and make fun of other companions. But apart from the social dimension and standard fights, you can now use your friends to accomplish special missions and expeditions.

Game offers so much role-playing content that you will have a problem in choosing what to pick first. And you will go through some of the really unforgettable moments, whether you want to or not. If you don't like spoilers, don't play the following video:

Through the war table you can send your advisors to dozens of military operations across all Thedas. This can easy up your game progress by gaining various bonuses. We should also mention that this time you own your very own fortress which can be upgraded (although in late game it's purely cosmetic).

Among the new features there is a system of crafting weapons and armor for which you need certain blueprints and materials that can be found throughout the game. You can also modify some of this equipment by changing head of the sword or by using different set of gloves. You can also research more potent versions of potions, tonics or grenades.

There has also been some changes regarding exploration of the game world. Instead of lot of small instances, you can now walk through several huge areas where you can use horses as mounts, establish camps, collect resources, hunt wild animals or conquer local monuments. Combat system is slightly more action based (and yes even mage now looks cool) and it focuses more on real time fighting, but it's still possible to pause time and rearrange orders to individual members of your party in tactical mode.

When it comes to visual, Thedas looks awesome, mainly because Dragon Age: Inquisition uses much warmer colors, which results in entirely different atmosphere than we were used to in Dragon Age games. There are even moments when you just stop and admire the details of your surroundings.

Not lot of bugs or other issues can be found within the game, but when they occur, you really won't miss them. Person who stands atop of a chair, sudden teleportation of characters from one spot to another or more classical ones like when your companion gets stuck behind a boulder. Sometimes you're gonna experience even interaction problems when talking to NPC or manipulating with items inside the game world. And then there is the camera which sometimes does things like hiding behind one NPC during conversation with other so you can't actually see the people talking to each other. However this doesn't happen too often.

Story of Inquisition and the Herald of Andraste is long, entertaining and when you reach its conclusion, you may even start to doubt your own pitiful existence (and that's NOT a spoiler).

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